We are offering soft launch for Mumbai subscribers only, available soon for other cities


Q: What service PortKaro offer?

A: Right now, we are focused on helping customer to port their mobile number from their existing provider to new favorable provider.

Q: Is PortKaro compatible across all browsers? Which are the browsers it is compatible with?

A: PortKaro is compatible with modern browsers, Chrome, IE 8+, Firefox 3.6+

Q: Is PortKaro also available as a Mobile App?

A: No, We will soon be launching mobile app.

Q: What are the basic details that I need to fill in order to know my appropriate provider?

A: 1/ Individual Plan or Retail plan

2/ Rental Budget range

3/ Providers

4/ Circle

5/ Plan type whether you want 2G, 3G, 4G, Voice, Roaming

Q: How accurate are your results?

A: Our engine, which powers our search and compares features tries its best to match you with the best porting plan – the one which saves you both time and money. However there may be a better combination for your usage which is not discoverable by our engine because

1) The plan is not in our database

2) The combination falls at the technical limit of our engine

3) There is a technical problem with our engine. We try to ensure that you always get the best plan from our engine and we keep the engine powerful with rich and updated database. That said if you find something wrong with the results, do let us know

Q: How does PortKaro analyze and recommend customized plans?

A: Take Mumbai for example, a Rental budget of Rs 100 to Rs 1000 gives 90 different options to choose from. That is definitely complicated to choose from manually. portkaro.com sorts the results by estimated monthly cost and gives you a detailed breakdown of the cost as well.

Q: The network operators constantly keep changing their tariff plans and offers. How frequent is PortKaro updated?

A: On an average, we update our systems once every week. We are working on tools and processes to help us do this in real time.


You can contact us by email:

For Support/Customer Service contact: contact@portkaro.com
For Legal Issues/ Law Enforcement: contact@portkaro.com
For Channel Partnerships : Channel@portkaro.com
For Media Enquiries: contact@portkaro.com

We are located at:

Crystal Plaza,
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Dist. Thane, 401107

Phone Number: +91 9702025454 (10.30 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday, except public Holidays)